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[26 Mar 2011|11:17am]
  Guys, hi!

I need your help with my thesis! Please, select one of the links below and fill in my questionnaire! It will take you 4 minutes, but will help me so much! =) Thanks a lot for your help!



PLEASE! =)))) Thanks a lot!
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[24 Mar 2011|09:51pm]
  Guys, help!

I need you help with questionnaire, just 4 minutes, nothing difficult!


I really need your help! =) Thanks a lot!
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Survey for Thesis [20 Mar 2011|10:08pm]
 Hey, guys,

please help me with a small questionnaire, just 4 minutes, very simple and straight forward. You opinion is very important to me! =) Thanks a lot for your help!

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Help me with my thesis, please! =) [19 Mar 2011|09:48pm]
 Hello everyone!

I graduate already in just a bit and I need your help. Could you, please, help me out a bit by filling out a short (7-min) questionnaire with 2 short movies and several pictures =) Very easy, no thinking, every answer is correct and acceptable! =))) I would be so pleased! =) Thanks a lot to all who will help me! =))))

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[30 Oct 2010|07:08pm]

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Social Relationships, Substance Use, and Sexual Behavior Survey by Claremont Graduate University [09 Jun 2010|10:25pm]


Please take part in an online study by Claremont Graduate University (Claremont, California) on social relationships, substance use, and sexual behavior. Your participation in the survey should take approximately 10-20 minutes of your time and could aid future campaigns aimed to reduce risky behavior associated with substance use and sexual behavior.  You also have the option to enter a raffle for one of ten $25 Visa gift cards. Please click on this link http://www.surveygizmo.com/s/286356/sexual-behavior if you are interested in learning more and/or participating. 

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Religion and Medicine Questionnaire [16 May 2010|11:43am]

Hello all, I am doing research for an intro to sociology paper. I need people to fill a short survey, here's the link: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/C9LLK5Y

It's on religion and medicine. Anyone can take it. I just need the opinions and beliefs of various people, of different ages and religions. I'd really appreciate it if you took it. Thank you!
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casting for Zombie/ friends themed web series [10 May 2010|01:29pm]

Casting for Zombie/ Friends themed Web Series
Posted: May 10, 2010, 12:24 PM

Reply: delilah@disposable.com
My Zombie is a new Web series based on, well Zombies.

Synopsis: "Boy meets girl, boy falls in love with girl. Girl meets zombie, girl falls in love with Zombie."

This is an UNPAID [ as of now until more funding comes in] gig.

It is possible to audition and still be hired on as crew.

1] Casting will be for various roles. Prepare a SHORT 2- 3 min monologue. Possible cold readings from script.

2] You must set up an audition time, which means if you just show up YOU WILL NOT BE SEEN.

3] Headshot and ACTING Resume must be provided. [ Ok if no prior acting exp.]

4] If makeup artist, bring portfolio.

To set up audition time, EMAIL:


SUBJECT LINE: "My Zombie Auditions"


[F]Ginny:[Cast] Best friend to Audrea. Hopelessly in love with Trevor, a little crazy, delusional, nursing student who decided to become an artist.

[F]Audrea:Best Friend to Ginny. Very blunt but loving. May come off bitchy but means well. Constantly saves the day.

[F]Allie: Teen receptionist at Mr. Desructo's Dental office. Loves her cell phone more than any other human being. Is bored by everything. Valley girl.

[M]Mr Desructo:[Cast] Once upon a time was Ginny's Dentist, now after zombie outbreak adopts his new persona as a survivalist hero of sorts. Delusional.

[M]Jeff:Best friend to Jake. Hopelessly in love with Ginny. Since he cannot have her, he became a womanizer to fill the void in his life. Cocky, rude, outspoken.

[M]Jake:Brother to Ginny, best friend to Jeff, hopelessly in love with Audrea. Middleman, mediator, avoids conflict, indecisive.

[M]Trevor: Beefcake Barista guy Ginny is in love with. Unfortunately becomes a zombie.
Salary/Wage: Unpaid
Status: Part-time
Shift: Days, Nights and Weekends

• Location: Dallas/Ft Worth

Salary/Wage: unpaid
Status: Part-time
Shift: Days, Nights and Weekends
• Location: Dallas/Ft Worth
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[22 Sep 2009|11:16pm]


I'm doing some Brooklyn-based social science research. I have a short survey that I need from as many people as possible. I'd appreciate it if you took it.

Thank you.
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[04 Aug 2009|05:28pm]
Hi all.

I'm a student at Curtin University in Perth, Australia and I'm conducting research on online and offline friendships for my psychology honours degree. If you:

* are aged between 18 and 25 years;
* have at least one online friendship and one offline friendship; and
* have about 20 minutes to spare;

I'd really appreciate it if you completed my survey. Afterwards you'll have the opportunity to enter in the draw to win a US$50 Amazon.com gift voucher.

I've had an excellent response to the survey, and have now received enough responses. Thanks to everyone who participated!
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Which Harry Potter character would you give love potion to? [20 Jul 2009|10:55am]

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[24 May 2009|11:40am]
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You vs mE [23 May 2009|06:50pm]
Hey everyone!

Check out this awesome band from Toronto.

"You vs mE are heading back to the studio! Under the umbrella of RLF Victor productions, guided by the wisdom of legendary producer Bob Gallo (James Brown, The Rascalz), and with the help of one of the greatest engineers of all time, George Seara (Rihanna, Finger Eleven), the boys of You vs Me are heading back to the state of the art Phase One Studios in Toronto. High expectations are beginning to build for this band, and in effort of joining the ranks of their recording compatriots, You vs mE have continued to grow with the “Epic Indie” genre. “Epic Indie is a way of life for us… it’s about taking things that seem simple at the root of it all, but convey complexity and combining them with things that seem complex and larger than life, but are really quite simple at the root of it” describes Mykle , one half of the front of You vs mE. He is quickly, though understandably, translated by Chris P who makes it clearer that for them, it is about embracing all things and accepting everything in moderation. Applying this to You vs mE, we now understand that Mykle and Chris P come from very different musical backgrounds, yet work harmoniously to blend memorable melodies with big and dynamic sound based on lyrics concerning life, socio-political matters, love, and all things in between. The You vs mE line-up is rounded out by Rexx (drums) and Roddo (Bass, backing vox), who’ve been playing music together since they were 15, so realizing how alike they all were, the natural fit has led to a a hit-factory 4-some poised to dominate the world music scene. In addition to being humbly intellectual, You vs mE are ambitious, looking to tour shortly in support of their Debut EP "The Borrowed"."

Add: http://www.myspace.com/youvsmeband
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When I Come Around [29 Apr 2009|02:43pm]

Green Day is releasing a new album on May 15th, titled 21st Century Breakdown. Below is a widget where you can check out the new single, Know Your Enemy, and follow what the band has going on right now.

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Online Psychological Study on Interracial Dating and the Media - Need Online Participants! [24 Mar 2009|04:51pm]

Want a chance to win a $20 Visa gift card? Interested in the media and relationships? You are invited to participate in a study examining media portrayals of interracial romantic relationships. You are eligible to participate in this study if you identify as African-American or Caucasian, are over the age of 18, are a current resident of the United States, are able to read English, and have access to the Internet. The study involves filling out a survey that will take approximately 20 minutes of your time to complete.  This study has IRB approval from Claremont Graduate University. Please follow this link to learn more and participate in this exciting psychological study. http://eval.cgu.edu/sbos/rws4.pl?FORM=InterracialRelationshipsandMediaSurvey
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TWO Awesome Polls for you to vote in!!!! [23 Mar 2009|10:07pm]

This week, it's a double quicky-clicky! If you liked both of my entries, "End of My Rope" and "Current Events" (or even just one of them), please vote over at:


With only six people left, one getting immunity, and two people going (the lowest one from each poll) it's going to be tight! This poll closes 03/25/09, Wednesday, at 8pm EDT.

Thank you so much for your support of my writing, it means more than I can say.
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[23 Mar 2009|02:42pm]

apocaluck.com logo
In a nuclear apocalypse
my home town
will be:
UNTOUCHED (1 of 10)


blue indicatorNone

Heat Blast

blue indicatorNone


blue indicatorNone

What happens to your city?

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Which screwed up celebrity are you? [01 Mar 2009|04:42pm]

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Sexual self-esteem graduate student research. Raffle for $40 Visa Giftcard. [29 Dec 2008|01:50pm]

I am doing a research study on sexual esteem. I am interested in developing a survey that will measure not just self-esteem related to sexuality, but different aspects of sexual esteem like confidence in sexual skills and feeling accepted by a partner. The survey is anonymous and confidential.


I am looking for people to volunteer for my research study. You must be 18 to participate. If you participate, you will take a simple survey over the internet. At the end of the survey (about 30 minutes), you can enter a raffle to win a $40 Visa giftcard.


A little about me:

My name is Kat. I am a graduate student in the Human Sexuality Studies program at SFSU. This research is for my Master’s Thesis.


If you are interested in participating, click the link below to find out more about the project and take the survey.


My email address is: researcherkat@gmail.com



Kat Scoggin

My advising professor is Ryan Howell
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new vid [03 Oct 2008|05:01pm]

Here's my micro documentary.
Finally uploaded the Gene Baur, of Farm Sanctuary, interview on Youtube with background music, Tupac Changes and Keep Your Head Up
www.youtube.com/georgiewong - forward it to anyone with 6 minutes.

Thank you all for your support, the next one will be a comedy or music video to mix it up,

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